Monday, April 22, 2002

HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK A CHILD'S LIFE IS WORTH? I am sure that you would say PRICELESS. But this is not a Master Card commercial. This is the real world. But I am sure that if you could put a price on life that it would be more than $1,100. And that is all it cost to get seat belts put on a 65 passenger bus.
On May 14, 1988, Kentucky suffered what remains the worst bus accident ever in the United States. 24 children and three adults on a church outing from Radcliff died when the bus they were riding was struck head-on by a drunk driver heading the wrong way on Interstate 71 just outside Carrollton. Although the bus involved in that accident was owned by a church rather than a school system, the incident led to the adoption of a number of safety measures for school buses in the state. Additional emergency exits were required along the side and roof of the bus. Maximum occupancy was reduced. The flashing white light was added to buses' roofs.
You would think that while they added all of these new safety measures to the buses that they would add seat belts. But they didn't. I know that seat belts would not help in an accident like the one I just mentioned but it would help in others. For example, you may of heard about a past tragedy that took the life of a southern Kentucky girl. The driver loses control, the bus rolls down an embankment, a child is thrown from a window and crushed. In this wreck a seat belt would have made a difference. Seat belts annually save thousands of lives in automobile accidents. What could possibly be wrong with having kids wear seat belts on a school bus?
One website that I found this information on is the National Coalition for School Bus Safety.

Did you know there were 62,000 pupil injuries in reported school bus accidents in the period of 1991-1996? Or that there were at least 59 passenger fatalities from bus accidents? We are trying to lower that number. We want to get seat belts on each of the school buses in Hart County, Kentucky. On this website, we will talk about different information and websites that we find about this subject. If you have any past (true) stories about you or someone you know being hurt in a bus accident, please contact us at We would love to hear from you.